Jägermeister Wirtshaustour hebt ab

Am Donnerstag war der Auftakt der Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour in Berlin. We Have Band und Yuksek haben die Jägerklause in Friedrichshain ordentlich zum kochen gebracht. Als nächstes werden am 17. März The Subs und Proxy in Köln auftreten. Wenn ihr die Chance habt hin zu gehen, überlegt nicht zwei mal – es lohnt sich.

Wir konnten gestern außerdem ein paar Sätze mit We Have Band wechseln und haben Sie für euch mit Fragen gelöchert:

How did your collaboration with Jägermeister start?
This is our first collaboration with them. They just asked us to do it and we thought it would be fun so we said yes! We’re hoping it will be pretty wild.

What has been your best gig so far and what made it special?
Actually our show in Berlin on the last tour is one we all found so special. It was right in the middle of the tour so we were sort of a bit delirious as you get after being on the road a while. But the crowd were so fantastic and warm and it felt like we were in a room filled with our closest friends. We really love it when the audience comes to our shows open to anything and not afraid to dance and scream our shout out things to us and they did all of that. It felt like they really got the message we were sending and thats not always the case at shows so we loved it.

What do you miss the most after two years of touring?
Family and friends we miss a lot. Waking up in our own bed. Not having to travel very day. What we love about touring is all the new things we get to do and see but we all have our favorite places in London to go and walk about or have coffee or see a film or buy records and stuff like that so you do miss those places.

What artist would you love to work with, and what kind of work would that be?
James Murphy is someone we all admire a lot and we’d love to work with him in someway. He remixes and produces and plays loads of instruments so we’ve got plenty of options! MIA would be great too, we have a lot of respect for her.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?
We’re happy to be resting a bit, squeezing in some little holidays and getting comfy at home. But we’re really excited about recording our second album too, the ideas are already flowing and we’re talking about artwork and new things for the show so thats going to be a big part of our year.

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