Pub-Besuche und Tastaturabdrücke an der Stirn: Ein Interview mit FRANKMUSIK

Dass die Briten grundsätzlich besseren Pop produzieren als der Rest der Welt, ist den meisten ja bekannt – vor allem nachdem ich es immer wieder betone. Ein Nachwuchstalent, dass es trotz seines jungen Alters von 25 Jahren schon ordentlich weit gebracht, ist FRANKMUSIK: Neben zahlreichen Remixes (u.a. für Natalia Kills) arbeitet er derzeit mit Ellie Goulding, Far East Movement und sogar Erasure zusammen. Nebenher findet er sogar noch Zeit für eigene Veröffentlichungen (“The fear inside” ist gerade in den USA erschienen). Und für ein Interview mit den Indie Bloggern…:


Indie Blogger: You started your career with beatboxing. How did you discover electronic music and which artists inspired you to switch to that genre?

FRANKMUSIK: Electronic music has been my in my life since I can remember. I grew up with 80’s electro pop and this train hasn’t stopped yet. Heck tell me one band these days that doesn’t use a computer at some point to make their music. Electronica surrounds us in one way or another these days!

Indie Blogger: You’re also producing music for other artists such as Ellie Goulding. What part of your work as a musician do you like best at the moment: Producing, touring, writing new songs or anything else?

FRANKMUSIK: I like it all. Especially the bit with the trained lions and the occasional cycling on ropes. What is any job if you don’t fully immerse yourself in it. I feel alive when I wake up with a computer key stuck to my forehead because I couldn’t make it to my bed.

Indie Blogger: As you’re working with Erasure on their new album: How did the producing go so far and in what way will the new songs be different from their older songs? Were you a fan before?

FRANKMUSIKI am listening to Erasure as I am doing this interview. I am working with one of the defining founders of electro pop. Vince is a pre sound genius. And Andy has a voice that could calm the Sargasso Sea. There are no words to describe how immense it is to be working with such veterans at 25 years old.

Indie Blogger: In most cases, british dance music has a higher quality than other dance productions. Can you think of any reasons for that? And if so, is there a positive or negative influence on your own work?

FRANKMUSIKI don’t know what dance music is anymore.

Indie Blogger: Speaking of good british dance music: How did you meet Stuart Price and how did the collaboration arise?

FRANKMUSIKWe met in a bar in Shoreditch. He liked my demo’s and then we spent a long summer crafting an epic electronic mega wash of sounds and songs without a care in the world.

Indie Blogger: Quite a different group you’re working with at the moment is Far East Movement. How would you describe the working progress with such a different music act as they are?

FRANKMUSIKFirstly let me plug right here, Far East Movement will be featuring on my first single from my new album. The video is nearly finished and the guys and I had a crazy 3 days shoot that took its toll on our stamina. But more importantly they are the most honest, true and hard working artists I have ever met as a group. Due to their amazing human attributes, their music could have been anything. I just love hanging out with them. Big shout out to Kev Nish, Pro, DJ Verman, J Spliff and of course Cherry Cherry Boom Boom for without him I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet the guys in the first place.


Thank you for the interview and respect to your blog. Have a great day.

Best FM

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